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See Brain for Details

Tawa of the south pacific
16 August 1988
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A biography of moi!? No way!

Now, I could write something crazy here, something like: "Born in the late sixteenth century to humble farmers in a low-lying Irish bog, the knowledge-hungry Tawa Bids ran away with a group of travelling actors at the age of nine. After she stowed aboard a ship bound for the south caribbean, a freak storm blew the vessel past the tip of South America and into the freezing waters of the distant south. More than three centuries later, a team of scientists researching fish parasites happened upon the frozen remains of an ice-crushed Spanish galleon in a glacier near Scott Base, Antarctica. One young survivor was revived and adopted by a member of the research team, who took her home to Christchurch New Zealand, where our story begins..."

But that would be a load of nonsense, wouldn't it?

My specialty.

Remus/Sirius is two mummies love