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Kinkmeme fill: the masterpost

I've become addicted to kinkmemes this year after rediscovering my love of writing, but as I think I really enjoy the free-write, no-obligations atmosphere of kinkmemes, I rarely go back and look at the fills once they're up. As a result I don't have any cleaned-up versions of my fills posted (though I should, I should, I know), but a couple of people have asked for a masterlist to find them. Many thanks to insteadofdeath who tracked most of the XMFC stuff down for me, and big thanks to lilalee_ian, wanderingteddy and Maruo who have done translations!

Links go directly to the original prompt. Warnings, where applicable, should be in the subject lines of the fill comments or sometimes in the original prompt (in the case of the Sherlock meme). These were written for kinkmemes and therefore some (though not enough, in hindsight) do contain explicit scenes. In some cases I posted anon, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it that it was me.

Avengers (/Marvel Cinematic Universe) Fills

A Friend in Need - Clint and Bruce+Hulk - Bruce and Clint are captured by bad guys who threaten to cut off Clint's fingers if Bruce doesn't cooperate; turned out a lot more humourous than I meant it to be
Phil Coulson Plus One - Clint/Coulson - It is the eve of the Phil's Mother's birthday. The house is full of rich, educated Coulsons, Clint is feeling inadequate, Phil is trying to keep his cool and an interdimensional nightmare monster is attacking Long Island.
Your Fists Are Not Part of this Plan - Loki - Gen / semi-crack? - Loki only joined the Chitauri because his newborn kid was being held hostage. Hulk reaches through a dimensional portal to save the baby and Loki stops the invasion. Loki is still a jerk, but at least Thor is happy.
Bootstrap Justice - Clint/Loki - prompter asked for "bootlicking" and sometimes I just feel like writing something dark. Sadly I was anon and later found some horrific typos I couldn't edit out.

X-Men: First Class fills

Canon-compliant fills
Untitled - Charles/Erik - post-canon, Charles gets sick and accidentally projects to Erik
The Double-Edged Gift - Charles/Erik - In Russia, Emma plants telepathic sex pollen in Charles' head and Erik helps him through it
Sunrise in Beantown - Charles/Erik - falling asleep on a bus after a late night on the town
The Mad Shipper's Tea Party - Charles/Erik - Shaw tries to get Charles and Erik together. Using kidnapping and torture. Yes, I am calling this canon-compliant because shut up
Between Distraction and Delirium - Charles/Erik - "If your left leg is rage and your right leg is serenity, can I reach the point in between?"
Mutant-to-Mutant Contact Charles/Erik - Basically an excuse for Erik to give Charles CPR and use his body warmth to prevent hypothermia

AU - deviations from the canon universe
Residue - Charles/Erik - After Charles dies in suspicious circumstances, Erik begins to hear his friend's voice in his head - Korean Translation by lilalee_ian can be found here!
Untitled - Charles/Shaw - anon wanted Charles/Shaw, I was happy to provide
The God Boy and the Soldier - Charles/Erik - as an adult, Erik works for Shaw's mutant-hunting organisation, but befriends a captive Charles
The Dynamo in Winter Charles/Erik - after a global disaster, Erik volunteers his abilities for a power station to help keep civilisation running
Pinhole Lantern Charles/Erik - Erik is blinded on the beach, but Charles telepathically lends him his sight
Table Manners - Gen - Sharon Xavier marries Shaw when Charles is a boy
Popping the Question (before everyone else does) - Charles/Erik - How do you prepare a surprise proposal for a telepath?
The Monkey's Paw - Charles/Erik - Charles is brought back from the dead, not quite the same

AU - completely different universe
Show Me Your Teeth - Charles/Erik, Charles/Moira - Erik is a werewolf, Charles is a werewolf hunter, they end up working together to stop Shaw igniting a werewolf-human world war. Bonus sequel!
This Was the Man Who Intercalated With My Self Charles/Erik - His Dark Materials AU
Methods of Deduction - Charles/Erik, Angel/Darwin/Alex - Science in a world where mutants are thought to be mere animals. Sequel to a different author's anon fill, Searchlight, one of the most emotive things I've read in this fandom
Civilised Nature - Charles/Erik, Charles/Shaw - Omega!verse, Erik is a rising politician in newly-formed Genosha, but falls for the current president's omega
Erik's Alligator - Charles/Erik - domestic fluff in which the kids are their adopted children and Charles reads four-year-old Raven a bedtime story
The Gunpowder Files - Charles/Erik - victorian!AU in which Charles and Erik are hired killers trying to bring down Shaw's opium cartel. Probably my favourite fill ever.
Metamorphoses X (Ovid's μετάμορφή, chapter 10) - fem!Erik - Erik is a lady who kills Nazis
Hook, Line and Sinker - Charles/Erik - Erik is a grumpy fisherman who lives in a cosy cottage near the beach and Charles is the man he finds in his net one day
Off the Record - Charles/Erik - House of M AU minifill
The Taste of Wine after Ambrosia - Charles/Erik, Charles/Shaw, Charles/Moira, Emma/Angel - Greek-myth AU in which Charles in Ganymede, Erik is his mortal lover, Shaw is Zeus and the Hellfire Club are the Olympians.
Untitled - Charles/Erik - 17th century witch hunt
Incy Wincy Spider - Charles/Erik - Serial Killer vs. Cop AU
Possession - Charles/Erik - Charles sold his soul to a demon without regret, until he meets Erik
White Noise - Charles/Erik - Charles is the consort Scheherazade, who must keep the king of Genosha occupied with stories every night or be hanged for treason
Friend of Cowboys - Charles/Erik - Wild West AU: Erik is a gunslinger, Charles is a hooker, together they get themselves into trouble with the corrupt sheriff Shaw
Incision - Gen/Horror - Erik gets shot while hunting Nazis near Oxford. But don't worry, Dr Charles is going to take good care of him.

Olivia Dunham and the Man in Her Head - Charles/Erik - Fringe Crossover: the Fringe team investigate a comatose telepath and find a very angry metal-bender to boot
Going Twice - Charles/Erik - Doctor Who and BBC's Sherlock crossover, set in an intergalactic slave auction
Unsuitable Men and other Cosmic Hazards - Charles/Erik - Doctor Who crossover, in which the Doctor is Erik's disapproving father-in-law

Conflict resolution - Charles/Erik/Charles/Erik - X-Men evolution crossover - that one time I did fanart (while drunk)
All the men in dresses - Alex/Hank - (for this amazing fill)
Fanart for 'Peregrine' - Charles/Erik - in which Erik's mutation is wings (for this lovely fill here)

BBC Sherlock fills

Fermata Means as Long as You Need, Shortarse - John/Lestrade - Sherlock used to play the violin to help John sleep, but now he's gone, and Lestrade turns up with a guitar
Untitled - John/Sherlock - In response to an anon's amazing art prompt, I wrote fic about John making jam, because I think it's a charming cliche
Syncretism John/Sherlock, Jim/Sherlock - Sherlock is deaf, Moriarty knows how to talk to him
It's all fine, but for the explosions - John/Sherlock - Sherlock begins to off-handedly refer to John as 'mon coeur' (my heart)
For Your Health - Lestrade/Sherlock - Sherlock sometimes lets dark!Lestrade fuck him in exchange for cases
At the Shore - John/Sherlock - Fairytale Au / Sherlock is transformed into a black swan. Probably the piece of prose I am most proud of in fandom
Wicked Stepmother - Sherlock - Mummy is Sherlock and Mycroft's stepmother, and they adore her
Count the Inflammable Minutes - John/Sherlock - John has a bomb implanted in his chest and Sherlock has mere minutes to disarm it
Break his Fingers, he Won't Play the Piano No More - John/Mycroft - Mycroft is convinced John is responsible for Sherlock's disappearance. A Chinese translation by wanderingteddy is now available here!
Untitled - fem!John/Sherlock - genderbend/Handmaid's Tale AU
Doctor, Detective and Sons - John/Sherlock - John and Sherlock have three children and a lot of problems - Chinese Translation by Maruo available here at 221D.net (requires a login)
Heartless - John/Sherlock - Sherlock must eat hearts to survive
The Road to Hell - John/Sherlock - John is an angel ordered to damn Sherlock Holmes; Jim is a demon with his own designs. For the prompt 'Demon!Jim and angel!John fighting for Sherlock's soul.'
They Mostly Come Out at Night (Part One) and (Part Two) - Gen or John/Sherlock if you squint - crossover with Ridley Scott's Alien: the Yarders investigate a long-abondoned military ship with a dangerous infection on board, while Mycroft has gives Lestrade orders to find the little brother he lost in the chaos all those years ago. For this sweet prompt here!

TRON: Legacy Fills

Orgies and Ice Crystals - Flynn/Quorra - keeping warm cliche
Ignominy / Reunion / Reminiscence - Clu/Flynn - mpreg in which Sam is a half program hybrid
Downtime - Bradley/Flynn and Clu/Tron

All these pieces are very spur-of-the-moment, often written late at night when I couldn't sleep, and were never meant to be collected together. I truly don't know what horrors they'll reveal about my psyche.
Tags: fic, kinkmemes, masterpost, sherlock, tron:legacy, x-men: first class
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